Kaleb Demerew, PhD

Assistant Professor of Political Science, WTAMU (incoming)

Political Economy, Development, Conflict, Northeast Africa


Dr. Demerew is incoming Assistant Professor of Political Science at WTAMU. 

Dr. Demerew's research focuses on institutions and the political economy of development, including the challenges of violence, state-building, and governance, particularly in Northeast Africa. More specifically, he examines the effects of elite contentions on state-building and political development, as well as the intersections between state-building, regional competition, and economic globalization. He has published his work in highly regarded academic journals, including Third World Quarterly and Africa Today. He is currently co-editing a volume on Nile Basin Politics and developing a book manuscript on Violence, Institutions, and Development.

Dr. Demerew's teaching interests include Political Economy of Developing Countries, Comparative Political Economy, International Conflict, Capital and International Development, Comparative Politics, and International Relations. He has received several academic honors, including the Mercatus Center's Adam Smith Fellowship, and secured over $35,000 of research funding through fellowships and grants. He has served as a featured speaker at several events, including a 2022 Abu Dhabi symposium on Peace and Stability in the Horn of Africa.