Kaleb Demerew

PhD Candidate | University of South Florida

International Relations & Comparative Politics


I am a PhD Candidate at University of South Florida, specializing in political economy of development and conflict and security, with a regional focus on Northeast Africa. I research intersections between rents, institutions, and political order, as well as interactions between African states and the international system. I have published my research in Third World Quarterly, African Security, and Africa Today, securing over $30,000 in grants and fellowships. I was named 2022-23 Adam Smith Fellow by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University and 2022 Searle Fellow by the Institute for Humane Studies. As instructor at University of South Florida and Concordia University, I teach Conflict in the World, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Leadership Theory.

In 2020-21, I served as student representative to the USF Graduate Council, where I evaluated fellowship candidates and helped draft policy revisions on holistic admissions. In both my teaching and my service to the profession, I have successfully promoted diversity of perspectives in academia.

Prior to joining USF, I served in a leadership role in higher education administration.